I Was Totally Destroying It

Jeremy Blair jerblar at gmail.com
Thu Jul 19 13:06:00 EDT 2007

in order of how I listened to them:

The Longest Night: vocals were a little airy and I wasn't getting into it.
Reminded me of Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, whom I donut care for. But, the
refrain at around the 2:00 mark is great. The guitar at the refrain takes
over and is gooodd rock and roll.
Summer State: This is a good jam, the breaks are interesting. Digging the
female back up vocals on this one. Listened to the whole track and enjoyed
Hey Alright: This is the best track of the four. Well written I must add, I
found myself listening to the words. Is this song about Chapel Hill? The
refrain at around the 3:40 mark is an attention grabber and DAMN, the kick
in the teeth at 3:50 is sweet. I liked this track. I'll be back for more on
this one.
My Favorite Haunt: I couldn't get into this one. Repetition maybe, not sure,

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