Local 506 vs. Smoking

Kevin Browning specialvibe at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 22 10:47:41 EDT 2007

I'm going to a show with that guy and we're going to share a pack of Nat Sherman's.

Duncan Murrell <dvmurrell at nc.rr.com> wrote:  

On Aug 22, 2007, at 10:05 AM, Doug Sutton wrote:

> Part of the problem is that smokers, by definition, don't know what 
> its
> like to not smoke.

Not true. Not only was I not born with a cigarette in my mouth, but I 
can go whole hours without one.

> And while they usually don't think about it, the
> facts are that cigarettes are drugs, and most people smoke not because
> they like it, but because they can't stop.

How would you know this, non-smoker? Have you ever had a Nat Sherman? 
I happen to like it a lot. I like the smell, I like the shapes the 
smoke makes in the air, I like fact that it drives away people I 
don't want talking to me.

> And the cloud at the 506
> every night there are 50 people there IS poisonous.

Probably true. Also, my water is poisonous here in Pittsboro, the 
poultry plant down the street smells like hell, and all of you people 
who drive cars to work every day (I don't) are poisoning my fucking 
air and killing my plants.

> I don't think smokers are bad people.

Sure you do. The "some of my best friends are _____" locution is a 
dead giveaway.

> I'm happy for smokers to do their
> thing, in their own space,

Which would be where? For instance, if there are ten smokers in a 
bar, and you walk in, is it your bar or their bar? And if you get 
drunk on the drug alcohol, you fiend, and act like an asshole, should 
I punch you? I do apologize for throwing down ethical questions 
before your third cup of coffee.

> but why in crowded public places, where it's
> obnoxious and harmful.

What isn't a public place, in your view? And what's "crowded"? And if 
it's mostly smokers in the crowd, who wins?

Having said all that, you know very well that smokers around here 
have been very accommodating to the new standard, and I don't know a 
smoker who much complains anymore about taking it outside, or into 
designated areas away from others. But name-calling and sanctimony 
make it harder to stick with that program, I have to say.

Please let me know what shows you'll be attending so I can avoid them.


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