Whatever happened to...

grady grady at ibiblio.org
Thu Oct 19 10:45:04 EDT 2006


Stupid MySQL server must've puked overnight, right about the time my 
script ran to build the playlist. I just re-ran it & it's back up & 
running now.

Thanks for the heads-up!



country marxist wrote:
> That's, funny, I am working on a custom Flash mp3 player right now for
> the New Orleans tourist board. That one at groovo looks like one I've
> been seeing a lot recently; however when I click on it I just get a
> playlist of "undefined."
> If you get listless listening to alt-durhamites, I've added some more
> tracks to the bpr radio player recently. You can listen to the whole
> proud to swim home comp there too now.
> http://www.backporchrevolution.com
> On 10/18/06, Chris Calloway <ifoufo at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> BTW, the music player at trianglerock is my new radio.
>> XDU and XYC DJs would do well to listen to it and
>> learn.
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