stuff to do, week of November 16, 2006

kevin maxwell farmer fakirmevern-amch at
Sat Nov 18 11:49:48 EST 2006

Maybe this was posted already and I did not notice it:

The gist: the Ciompi Quartet and Branford Marsalis will be playing an 
original composition by marc faris tonight at Page Auditorium.

"faris has an established relationship with The Ciompi Quartet, which 
commissioned him to write a new work for the ensemble and saxophonist 
Branford Marsalis. That composition, "Mountain Music," will receive its 
premiere performance Saturday in Page Auditorium at Duke University. "

grady wrote:
> Couple of things you won't find down further, due to complexity of 
> venues or ticket prices or whatever:
> 1) John Zorn's Acoustic Masada tomorrow night (11/17) at Page Auditorium 
> at Duke. When we listen to post-1970 jazz at our house, it's probably 
> one of the Masada discs. I own a moderate amount of Zorn (10+ CDs, which 
> is actually a pitiful drop in the bucket compared to the dude's output) 
> and while I dearly love the noisy stuff like Naked City et al, the 
> Masada pieces are remarkable, compelling, challenging *and* beautiful; 
> I'm drawn back to them again & again in a way that his other music 
> mostly doesn't inspire.
> 2) Joanna Newsom at an auditorium at Greensboro College on Saturday 
> night (11/18); info here:

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