Trilamdabooking Presents: Chapel Hill Indie Rock @ Reservoir and Wetlands

Eric Mann trilamdabooking at
Sun Nov 12 12:31:08 EST 2006

Sunday Nov. 12th - the Reservoir
show @ 10pm, free, donations for touring band

Summer Sorcerer (dave laney and other local dudes from bands)
the Cassettes (shelby's new band, his old band was Frodus)
Ben Davis and the Jetts (Ben and the boys throw it down)

Monday Nov. 13th - Wetlands
show @ 9:30, $6 cover

So Many Dynamos (st. louis - rocks like dismemberment plan and les savy fav)
Eyes to Space (local badasses)

two nights in a row of awesome rock.

Trilamda Booking.
Formerly of Kudzu Wish booking.

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