Undergraduates and Local Music

Lisa Bachelder lisa at fuzzsonic.com
Fri Feb 11 11:30:26 EST 2005

at a white stripes cradle show, their merch folks made a cardboard sign 
that said, "DANCE MOTHERFUCKERS. PLEASE."  i took it home and hung it up.


paok wrote:
> Yeah, when I moved from Louisiana to Chapel Hill, I found the lack of
> dancing or other movement really bizarre.  If I were a musician, I
> think I'd hate it--I remember I was watching tinsel at the Cradle at
> some kind of anti-Helms benefit, and I kept thinking everyone looked
> so bored.
> I actually think it's changed somewhat (or maybe I'm just used to
> it)--it seems like more people are willing to shake some booty than
> before.
> pk
>> PS Anything I say in the future about the lack of dancing at shows
>> is strictly good-natured ribbing. I do think it's funny, but that's
>> just because I'm used to a certain segment of the Charlotte scene
>> (and yes, it does exist).
> That was definitely the weirdest part about moving here.  Chapel Hill
> is famous for arms crossed, head nodding stoicism at shows.  I'm used
> to it by now, but when you first move here it is quite strange.  My
> current theory is that the sheer number of options makes going to a
> show a real casual experience.  Whereas when I lived other places,
> you jumped on the one good show a month and made the most of it.
> rossi


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