I think this guy...

Never call me Phil philipayers at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 2 12:56:39 EST 2005

geeze I thought he was going to go into all the bullshit coming from on
high about freedom, and fighting for freedom around the globe and
private investment accounts inplace of SS, did't you think that too,
but that's alot of "horseshit" me thinkst...Some still haven't figured
out if George Bush is full of "horseshit" or bullshit?? I'd bet you
though, since he's been going on and on about 'freedom" that it's gotta
be "horseshit"??

Sorren Thule wrote:
> When he started out with
> the article I had hoped he would go into the way that the constant
> bombardment of bullshit from the media, especially advertising, is

> > "be that as it may" DO say, but at least it didn't sound like
> > jargon(bs) so I found it to be refreshingly insightful...the idea
> > writing about "bullshit".
> > Out back in the barn, I don't have a bull but I do have a house or
> > Sooo, my questioni is: what IS the difference between "bullshit"
> > "horseshit". He didn't even mention "horseshit".. which I found
> > irritating.
> > Be that as it may, let me take a stab at it. "Horseshit" if I maybe
> > bold, is a more pejorative form of "bullshit", as in: "That's total
> > (one always tends to preceed hourseshit with total or totally)
> > "horseshit."
> > If one were to use "bullshit" in place of "horseshit" the meaning
> > would certainly be dfferent by several degrees. When someone calls
> > action or uterance, "bullshit" that's a more respectful way of
> > you're intelligent BUT you are being dishonest or selfserving or
> > spirited by not recognizing the truth. When one uses "horseshit"
> > means to insult the intelligences of the person and the action.
> >
> > who's wittgentein?
> >
> > Sorren Thule wrote:
> >> Be that as it may, any one of us could have written this ourselves
> > . .
> >> Wittgenstein it ain't.
> >
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