Mothlight at Kings' Thursday 9/30/04

n. whitley tonalcenter at
Wed Sep 22 12:21:15 EDT 2004

hello ladies and gents, this is your pal nick whitley.  i'm writing to
inform you of the show thursday sept. 30th at kings, where my band
MOTHLIGHT will be opening for everyone's favorite, SHARK
QUEST...should be a great show.

for anyone who gives a rip, this will be the last mothlight show for
quite some time as my cohort daniel vaughn is leaving Raleigh for the
highlands of West Virginia.  it will be your last chance to take in
all your favorte hits from the mothlight oeuvre, at least for the
foreseeable future.

also playing we will have KOLYMA, another project of local treasure
Crowmeat Bob, which promises to be spectacular.


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