go room4 goroom4music at hotmail.com
Wed May 19 15:55:31 EDT 2004

think of it more as a musicians yard sale.Go is hosting a flea market of 
sorts. we encourage everyone who wants to buy/sell/trade their unwanted gear 
at GO ROOM 4 in carrboro this saturday from 11-4pm. the bar will be stocked 
and music is provided by liberti/groves. everyone has some old peice of 
gear, be it guitars, amps, drums, effects pedals, mics or parts...etc laying 
around the house that you dont use or want anymore. so bring them out to Go 
on saturday and get rid of them. if you are selling an item it would be 
important to mention that Go is not selling it for you but rather offering a 
free place to convene and buy/sell/trade. so please stay with your gear. for 
more info call us at 919-969-1400. thanx

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