Cave schedule for June 2004

J Kidney jodykidney at
Sat Jun 5 04:53:45 EDT 2004

Here it is, kids- our latest calender. I've been having some
difficulties updating the site but this info should be posted there
soon. Until then, here goes...

We've got an awesome schedule lined up for June- come on down, drink
some beers, and RAWK OUT with your friends at The Cave!

-Jody Kidney, WebMistress-

Tues. 6/1 Early Gary Mitchell, Late Songwriters Open-mic w/ John
Wed. 6/2 Early Shape Shifters, Late Jim Smith's Tall Buildings. 
Thurs. 6/3 Early Flat Stanley, Late Tampa Blue & The “B”
Fri. 6/4 Early Stephanies Id, Late Sideshow Freaks w/ Jackie O.
Sat. 6/5 Early Mr. Billy, Late Abe Reid & The Spike Drivers. 
Sun. 6/6 Early Alysson Light, Late Feeding The Fire. 
Mon. 6/7 Early (8p,) Delta S., Late Arcade Fire w/ Fan Modine
Tues. 6/8 Early Tom Roznowski, Late The Last Nerve w/ Blackstrap. 
Wed. 6/9 Early Brian Probus, Late Ohio Farmcats. 
Thurs. 6/10 Early Deacon Jones, Late Regina Hexaphone cd release. 
Fri. 6/11 Early Tim Krekel & Son, Late County Farm. (bluegrass) 
Sat. 6/12 Early Susan Kirk, Late Straight 8’s w/ Three Torches. 
Sun. 6/13 Brother Sean w/ Eric West
Mon. 6/14 The Rules. 
Tues. 6/15 Early Literary Evening w/ Nancy Alex Day, Late No River
City w/ Dave Olson.
Wed. 6/16 Early Information, Late June Star w/ Mary Johnson. 
Thurs. 6/17 Early Joe Brzoska, Late John Saylor w/ New Town Drunks. 
Fri. 6/18 Early Nikki Meets The Hibachi, Late Countdown Quartet. 
Sat. 6/19 Early Duke Street Dawgs, Late Imperial Pints. 
Sun. 6/20 Reconstruction 
Mon. 6/21 Mark Geary. 
Tues. 6/22 Early Comedy Open-mic w/ Evan Christie, Late Rose
Wed. 6/23 Early Peter Waggoner, Late Luminescent Orchestrii. 
Thurs. 6/24 Early Matt Thackston, Late Third Mind. 
Fri. 6/25 Early Ann Humphreys & Greg Hawks, Late Mick Harrison w/
Kenny Roby.
Sat. 6/26 Early Comedy Night w/ Evan Christie, Late Cartridge Family. 
Sun. 6/27 Addy Junius
Mon. 6/28 Carrboro Man Pile
Tues. 6/29 Early Don DeLeaumont, Late TBA 
Wed. 6/30 Early Henry McIntosh, Late Dechen Hawk w/ Friends Of Rachel.

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