Stuff to do, week of February 18, 2004

5er (martin) mdhall005 at
Thu Feb 19 12:00:20 EST 2004

of course you'd be a moron to miss this show.

as for the numbers game, Kurt tells me that there
should be "9 or 10" members in tow for this show.
which is a "big ol band" by most standards, and of
"decent" size by Lambchop standards.  that said, i
have no idea what to exepct, never do exactly, which
is why i wouldn't not miss it for the world (and if i
did i'd have some explaining to do).

one caveat. despite the slight inference in the Indy
this week, one should not expect a sting section at
this show.  you'll just have to wait till Merge15 this
summer for that.  ;-)


--- grady at wrote:

> Friday, February 20
> Lambchop [], The
> Loan Official
> Cat's Cradle, Carrboro
> Lambchop were responsible for one of the top-5 shows
> I have ever seen
> in my life (don't ask the other 4, I dunno, but they
> probably include
> Yo La Tengo, Pixies on the Doolittle tour, The
> Ruins, and about 35
> other bands in a 35-way-tie). Last time I saw the
> 'chop, though, they
> were stripped down to maybe a half-dozen members,
> and I have to
> confess, I got bored enough to leave.
> I'm told that their new double-album is chock full
> of genius (haven't
> heard it; behind in my CD-buying), SO here's hoping
> that (a) they
> bring a big ol' band and utterly destroy, and/or (b)
> Fiver pipes in
> and reassures me that I'd be a moron to miss this
> show.

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