Stuff to do, Week of February 12, 2004

Lisa Bachelder ljbach at
Fri Feb 13 14:31:23 EST 2004

the balance goes on ~4:00.  rosebuds after them.


Johny wrote:

> "Monday, February 16
> The Mountain Goats [], Cub Country
> [], The Rosebuds
> []
> Go! Studios Rm. 4, Carrboro
> The Roesbuds are fuggin superstars in their own right, so I suppose
> now would be the time to advise you to show up early, even though it's
> a Monday night, else you'll be standing in the street while they're
> playing."
> *****Of course, you could just drive over to Raleigh on Sunday
> afternoon and see them for free on Sadlack's porch. Not sure what time
> though. The number at Sadlacks is 919-828-9190.


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