Cris Kirkwood

5er (martin) mdhall005 at
Wed Dec 31 15:06:15 EST 2003

you've got to love the unfiltered rumor mill that is
the internet.

according to this:

Kirkwood was "alive" enough to make a court appearance
tuesday, on assault charges. 

not dead, but still a sad situation.

the funny thing to me is that the original news story
that i saw quoted on the web as a basis for his death,
never actually *says* that he died, just that he had
been shot in an altercation and was in critical
condition at the hospital.

"now we're not ones to go 'round spreading rumors..."


--- Bill K <billk at> wrote:
> > Oh yeah, Cris Krikwood from the Meat Puppets is
> dead.
> I think not.  He was arrested Tuesday afternoon
> after being released
> from the hospital.
> I mean, unless he died in jail or something.  I
> smell a conspiracy.
> -BK
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