Stuff to do, week of December 11, 2003

Finn Cohen fmcohen at
Fri Dec 12 12:02:50 EST 2003

Actually, "the Park", as our fraternity followers refer to us, is not
playing this show.  THere was a mixup with the schedule and the
offending member of the band who mixed it up has been flogged.  So
don't go to the Cave.  Unless you want to see the $2 Pistols.
> Friday, December 12
> Audubon Park
> The Cave, Chapel Hill
> Audubon Park are my favorite new local indie-rock band--they meld a
> true love of pop songwriting with an equally compelling love of weird
> squeaky noises that reminds me of nobody so much as the late lamented
> Joby's Opinion (somebody needs to put their album up on the internet,
> or something--hell, somebody needs to put about 200 classic local
> albums by long-defunct bands up on the internet. I'd do it, but I
> can't quite face the prospect of all the permission-asking). This is
> the early show, by the way, so we're talking 8:00 p.m., maybe.
> Oh yeah: Audubon Park song sample here:

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