[Cc-uk] Welsh translation of Creative Commons licences

Carl Morris carl at quixoticquisling.com
Wed Aug 11 17:50:50 EDT 2010


1. Can anyone advise on translating the England&Wales licences into 
Welsh? I'd like to put a team together to professionally translate them. 
(I've searched the mailing list archives but no result on this topic.)

2. I would like to do it properly and enable them to be legally binding 
in their own right. I assume Creative Commons would like to verify them 
somehow before endorsing them - what usually happens with translations 
like this? They would be direct translations of the England&Wales licences.

3. While I'm asking, are there any other related things that should be 
translated as well - like other texts and 'promotional' material? For 
instance I'd also like to get all the human-readable summaries done so 
Welsh can be featured on creativecommons.org, e.g.

Although there is a lot of content in the Welsh language licensed under 
Creative Commons licences, no version of the licences seems to exist in 
the language itself (to my knowledge).

It could encourage adoption by Welsh language creators, artists and so 
on. Regarding question 2 I suppose there would be some benefit in having 
unapproved informal 'guide' texts in Welsh that would not be legally 
binding (a la translations of GPL). But this is far from ideal.

thanks for any help

Carl Morris

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