[Cc-uk] Open University announces CC-licensed content

Ian Brown I.Brown at cs.ucl.ac.uk
Fri Mar 10 14:36:04 EST 2006

Could have a big impact on UK universities generally...
The Vice-Chancellor of The Open University, Professor Brenda Gourley, 
said "The philosophy of open access and sharing knowledge is a wonderful 
fit with the founding principles of The Open University and with the 
University's very strong commitment to opening up educational access and 
widening participation. The University will be developing forms of open 
content e-learning which will reach less experienced learners and, we 
hope, encourage an appetite for further learning. The Open University 
will be the first in the UK to offer Open Content materials under a 
Creative Commons licence. We are deeply grateful to The William and 
Flora Hewlett Foundation for its generous support."

"Over the past five years the Hewlett Foundation has been a leading 
investor in the area of Open Educational Resources with the goal of 
equalizing access to knowledge across the globe," said Marshall S. 
Smith, the Hewlett Foundation's Education Program Director. "The Open 
University of the UK is unsurpassed in the area of digitized academic 
material. We are delighted to support the Open University's initiative 
to make some of its high quality academic content openly available to 
everyone around the world."

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