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David Hirst dhirst at pavilion.co.uk
Tue Jun 28 06:13:49 EDT 2005

Stuart wrote:

Almost all network-oriented applications face and overcome the problem of
radically incorrectly set clocks among some participants.

1/1/1972 is a particularly common date, since it is the start of the
unix/linux time representation epoch.


Besides, if you're doing this sort of thing regularly, you just set up a
system that always runs GMT + 15 years and you're set. You never need put it
back to the normal time. If you're running VMWare or similar you can
probably even run one on the same physical hardware as your normal systems
with even needed to reboot. [note: I haven't actually tried this.]

Would this mean that the RIAA and MPAA militias can sue you for having a
wrong clock? Clearly the only reason for doing so is to deprive them of
income! Unless you can think of a good and legitimate reason for having a
wrong clock that would be believed by the Supreme Court - see

But I guess one upside is that this might be a useful threat to network
administrators facing recalcitrant users!





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