[Cc-uk] FT on movie making

J. Grant jg at jguk.org
Wed Jun 22 16:57:46 EDT 2005

On 22/06/05 21:28, David Hirst wrote:
> The FT on Monday had an article about Movie making.
> http://news.ft.com/cms/s/2eeb0e12-e127-11d9-a3fb-00000e2511c8.html (but
> subscription only!)

Google turned up a copy:


> Essentially, it is arguing ("Moore's law") that a PC will soon have quite
> enough processing power for a single PC (or games console) to be able to do
> all the special effects of the most recent blockbusters. Indeed, one is not
> far from being able to create the real effects also. 

We certaily do get a lot more pixels these days!

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