[Cc-uk] CC going mad?

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I do not have access to the Free Software Magazine article, so I may be
misunderstanding your argument. Why centre your criticism on CC? Doesn't
free software rely on copyright as well? Doesn't the entire open licensing
movement reply on copyright? The exception is the public domain dedication. 

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You seem to be saying 'let's have no dissent'. I would argue that we need a
rich and critical discussion of all activities that Creative Commons gets
itself into otherwise grave mistakes (like the Bzzz public relations fiasco)
will be made. A lot of people invest a lot of time and personal work into
supporting the Creative Commons, and when it starts to act completely
authoritarian (like the Sampler License rename
http://lists.ibiblio.org/pipermail/cc-sampling/2004-August/thread.html ) or
even plain dumb (like this), then it is important that it gets critical
feedback from its supporters as well as its foes. 

Maybe this 'joke' works better over there than over here. I don't know. But
Creative Commons' actions I sometimes find plain conservative and
reactionary rather than progressive. The dangers with Creative Commons, are
their tacit acceptance of copyright (indeed their *need* for it) means that
it can be used as an argument to support copyright extension rather than
reject it. In other words 'copyright works, just look how CC makes the whole
thing run smoother, who needs term limitations when stuff can be licensed
anyway'. To read more of our critique see Free Software Magazine:

Anyway, it's hardly a firing squad, and hardly in a circle, as clearly
others agree with you and my remarks have generated lots of contrary debate
- always a good thing.




On 22 Jun 2005, at 10:27, Christian Ahlert wrote:

		Is it really 

		necessary to arrange this firing squad in a circle?



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