[Cc-uk] CC going mad?

Tom Chance lists at tomchance.org.uk
Wed Jun 22 06:00:26 EDT 2005

On Wednesday 22 Jun 2005 10:46, Rob Myers wrote:
> I find the idea amusing (I've no interest in actually listening to the
> track). And it is a good illustration of the problems of 'permission
> culture'.
> Cliqueiness and low quality may work against it, but lots of blogs have
> picked up the ridiculous-copyright-law issue. On balance, I think this is
> constructive.

Do you not think the issue could have been raised equally well with a 
CC-licensed new work, and a fun poke at the record industry with quotes on 
the cost of doing a remix of "happy birthday"? They could have surfed through 
the catalogue of CC labels and community projects, picked a few artists and 
asked them to make some music that itself could have remixed existing CC and 
public domain music. It would have been great for the chosen artist (money, 
exposure), great for the label/project that the artist was found on 
(exposure, kudos), and great for CC (a demonstration of its worth).

Personally, it makes me feel like a bit of an idiot telling people that they 
can license their work for promote creative freedoms, whilst still being able 
to earn money. It makes me feel like an idiot because CC has effectively 
said: we could have created a new work and enlarged the pseudo-commons of 
licensed private works, but instead we chose to pay a big label to license an 
existing work on traditional terms. We might as well pay for the right to use 
some imagery from Cy Twombly's paintings for the Remix Reading web site, 
rather than commissioning a few artists to create new CC material.

It's daft.


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