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I hope you can share the 'copyright for kids' learning as this is a very interesting area. The creative industries are very keen that children understand that the things they make and consume are a form of property and those more inclined to CC probably agree that we should all be more knowledgeable.

In general, the most important thing is safety. Making sure the children can not be traced back to where they live, or go to school, if their pictures are used for instance is critical. 

I suspect also that children cannot assign conditions to their copyright meaningfully without adult or most probably parental advice. Interestingly, if the content that the children remixed was already on a share-alike agreement, then this would stand. Perhaps the answer is to educate the children and parents into why you are doing this and explain that you will be using a share-alike agreement?


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   1. Copyright for kids (Tom Chance)
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Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 11:44:40 +0100
From: Tom Chance <lists at tomchance.org.uk>
Subject: [Cc-uk] Copyright for kids
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We (Remix Reading) are hoping to get some kids into a RR/Fading Ways event in 
early July. If we can pull it off, we'll have a youth group going a little 
bit crazy with CC'ed work, remixing it in weird and wonderful ways.

Are there any copyright implications we need to think of? For example, if an 
eight year old kid does a remix, can he/she license that under a CC license? 
I'm a little nervous about getting them to do this, even if it's legal.

Any advice would be appreciated...

Kind regards,

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Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 13:18:39 +0100
From: Adrian Midgley <dr.midgley at homefieldsurgery.nhs.uk>
Subject: Re: [Cc-uk] Proposed 'CC in the UK' website
To: Rob Myers <robmyers at mac.com>
Cc: cc-uk <cc-uk at lists.ibiblio.org>
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Rob Myers wrote:

>> the CC licence, while paying lip service to its "inspiration". This  
>> adds the
>> substantial overhead of understanding what the differences are,  why, 
>> and
>> whether they are tolerable.
> They seem also to have felt it necessary to create their own  
> derivative of
> This is the "everyone must have their own license" antipattern that  
> is causing so much trouble in the Open Source Software world at the  
> moment. The BBC could also be seen as being guilty of this.
The reaction is already visible.
Some of these orgs will be correct, I don't recall seeing a variant of 
the CC licence that requires providing a file copy for information to 
the previous author of a work that is modified (I may just have missed 
it of course).
If they do identify a clear lack, then a new variant should arise as a 


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