[Cc-uk] Proposed 'CC in the UK' website

Adrian Midgley dr.midgley at homefieldsurgery.nhs.uk
Tue Jun 21 08:18:39 EDT 2005

Rob Myers wrote:

>> the CC licence, while paying lip service to its "inspiration". This  
>> adds the
>> substantial overhead of understanding what the differences are,  why, 
>> and
>> whether they are tolerable.
> They seem also to have felt it necessary to create their own  
> derivative of
> This is the "everyone must have their own license" antipattern that  
> is causing so much trouble in the Open Source Software world at the  
> moment. The BBC could also be seen as being guilty of this.
The reaction is already visible.
Some of these orgs will be correct, I don't recall seeing a variant of 
the CC licence that requires providing a file copy for information to 
the previous author of a work that is modified (I may just have missed 
it of course).
If they do identify a clear lack, then a new variant should arise as a 

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