[Cc-uk] Proposed 'CC in the UK' website

Rob Myers robmyers at mac.com
Sun Jun 19 10:53:34 EDT 2005

On 19 Jun 2005, at 15:42, David Hirst wrote:

> Having just read Lawrence Lessig's "Free Culture" book, and  
> followed it up
> with Richard Stallman's essays "Free Software, Free Society", with  
> a side
> journey into "Free as in Freedom" I strongly support the point made  
> about
> avoiding proprietary licences. If there is no acceptable free  
> alternative,
> then I think we can live without flashiness.

The animations are incredibly effective for communicating the basic  
ideas to audiences, though (I saw this effect at Liquid Culture, it  
was striking). I agree that Free Culture must not be thwarted by non- 
Free formats, but there are no practical alternatives to Flash at  
this time, and the FSF are working on a Free Flash. Hopefully this is  
a historical moment rather than a historical error...

> A further, short diversion was to "Wide Open" the Demos pamphlet on  
> Open
> Source Methods and their future potential. But this seems rather
> superficial, and misses the key driver of freedom behind the whole  
> movement.

People who use "Open" rather than "Free" lack the conceptual  
framework to guide their choices and actions that the idea of  
"Freedom" gives. "Open" projects can have trouble answering  
fundamental questions about values and direction because of this.

> They seem also to have felt it necessary to create their own  
> derivative of
> the CC licence, while paying lip service to its "inspiration". This  
> adds the
> substantial overhead of understanding what the differences are,  
> why, and
> whether they are tolerable.

This is the "everyone must have their own license" antipattern that  
is causing so much trouble in the Open Source Software world at the  
moment. The BBC could also be seen as being guilty of this.

- Rob.

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