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Having just read Lawrence Lessig's "Free Culture" book, and followed it up
with Richard Stallman's essays "Free Software, Free Society", with a side
journey into "Free as in Freedom" I strongly support the point made about
avoiding proprietary licences. If there is no acceptable free alternative,
then I think we can live without flashiness.
A further, short diversion was to "Wide Open" the Demos pamphlet on Open
Source Methods and their future potential. But this seems rather
superficial, and misses the key driver of freedom behind the whole movement.
They seem also to have felt it necessary to create their own derivative of
the CC licence, while paying lip service to its "inspiration". This adds the
substantial overhead of understanding what the differences are, why, and
whether they are tolerable.
Are there any restraints on claiming CC credentials, but then not actually
using the licence?
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Hi Cory,

> 2. More friendly graphics, as with the creativecommons.org site,
> linking to the CC Flash movies that explain the project, so that a
> casual visitor is one obvious click away from a simple, singing,
> dancing explanation.

A small, but important point, those "Flash movies" are in proprietary
formats, I not think we can oblige anyone to signup to Macromedia's
authoritian licence [1]. Why not support a Free equvelent altenative?
Many Free alternatives are available at no-cost as well.

I first discussed CC advocating proprietary Flash replacement of the
web (or open video) back in Aug 2003 (discussed with Mike L, Matt H and
Neeru P.).  That section of the CC site still has all those faults:
http://mirrors.creativecommons.org/  Perhaps you'd be the chap to sort
it out finally? At present CC in this respect is rather contradictory,
which is ironic really, considering the ideals purveyed by the CC site.
CC should "practice what it preaches", IMHO ;)

Kind regards

[1]: http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/license/desktop/

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