[Cc-uk] Academics are not free either...

Bernard Hurley bernard at fong-hurley.org.uk
Fri Apr 29 00:36:46 EDT 2005

Jonathan Mitchell wrote:
> David Berry wrote: "Academics *technically* do not own
> the copyright to their own work as they are designated as employee's
> of the University, as I am sure you are all well aware, therefore the
> employer owns their intellectual property . " Christian Ahlert wrote:
> "almost all universities, I am aware of, have chosen to put into their
> employment contracts that they own their employees intellectual work".
> I am not an academic, but I question whether this corresponds to general UK
> practice, or whether UK universities generally claim these rights.
> For example, these are the first six UK university results I found on
> googling 'academic copyright university contract "intellectual property"' :
> 1. Liverpool : "the University does not intend to assert ownership of
> copyright in books, articles, lectures and artistic works, other than those
> specifically commissioned by the University".
> Is there an AUT position on this?
I have no idea if the AUT has a position on this. However I was involved
about seven or eight years ago  as a NATFHE rep. in contract
negotiations with West Herts College (a large FE college). I can't
remember the exact wording but their position on copyright was more or
less the same as Liverpool University's position. At the time I was lead
to believe that this was more or less "standard" in the academic world.


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