[Cc-uk] PRS and CC

oli bird o.j.bird at lse.ac.uk
Tue Apr 26 16:52:58 EDT 2005

I'm a writer-member of PRS and it seems that I get to choose which of 
my works I register with them. You only register stuff that you want 
them to collect you money for. So Tim, I don't think that the past and 
future exclusivity thing can be true. But I don't know about having 
options of what rights to assign for a single specific work, I've never 
been given any choices like this when registering works.

Generally, I understand that PRS have not been very sympathetic to CC.


Begin forwarded message:

> I have just been looking through the Articles of Association for the 
> PRS at
> http://www.prs.co.uk/DocsRepository/3499/PRSMEMOART2003.pdf and found 
> this,
> suggesting to my non legal mind that members can pick and choose what 
> they
> assign, at least for PRS...

> From: Dr Tim Brookes <T.Brookes at surrey.ac.uk>
> Subject: [Cc-uk] Re: Changing your mind and the young Bowie
> To: cc-uk at lists.ibiblio.org
> For musical works, as far as I can see, the major problem here is the
> UK collection agencies. If you have ever licensed any of your works
> under CC then you can never join PRS, since they require exclusive
> rights to all your works - past and future - and you can not grant
> exclusive rights on a work you've already CC-licensed.

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