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Neil Leyton nleyton at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 16:01:53 EDT 2005

It is important to note, on this PRS topic, that MANY artists and
labels of rising influence are becoming aware of the issue and, should
PRS not change, it may find itself becoming increasingly irrelevant,
as new indie-minded and CC-aware rights societies begin to emerge,
first centered around internet licensing, and then moving into the FW
radio domain which the existing PRO's have ruled with a mafia-like
grip for way too long already.

Btw, this issue has NOT been a problem in Canada, as SOCAN rightfully
differentiates between commercial vs. non-commercial uses, and no red
flags have gone up around CC usage... pointing the way for possible
PRS/PPL positive adaptation here...


On 4/25/05, Dr Tim Brookes <T.Brookes at surrey.ac.uk> wrote:
> On 25 Apr 2005, at 17:00, cc-uk-request at lists.ibiblio.org wrote:
> > One of the thorny 'yes buts...' I am hearing a lot in regard to CC is
> > "what happens if young creators license their early work under CC and
> > then rue the day forever more?"
> For musical works, as far as I can see, the major problem here is the
> UK collection agencies. If you have ever licensed any of your works
> under CC then you can never join PRS, since they require exclusive
> rights to all your works - past and future - and you can not grant
> exclusive rights on a work you've already CC-licensed.  If you're not
> in PRS when you're writing hit after hit, you'll find it almost
> impossible to get any performance royalties from your multitudinous
> radio broadcasts, TV broadcasts, film showings, public performances,
> iTunes downloads, etc...  You can make money from selling CDs, and from
> granting permission for use of your tracks in films, adverts, etc, but
> you won't get performance royalties.
> It's PRS that need to change - not CC - but until they do I think you'd
> have to be very sure that you never want any performance royalties
> before you CC-license anything.  This is a tremendous shame and I very
> much hope PRS (and MCPS and PPL) can be persuaded to grant membership
> in exchange for exclusive (or even non-exclusive) rights on commercial
> use only. Then a non-com CC licence would not preclude later royalty
> income.
> Tim.
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