[Cc-uk] Changing your mind and the young Bowie

Neil Leyton nleyton at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 06:21:20 EDT 2005

Still an interesting question though, as you mention one can re-record
a track, but argualy the publishing component of either recording
would still default under the CC license.


On 4/25/05, David M. Berry <d.berry at sussex.ac.uk> wrote:
> I personally think that more thought needs to go into the concept of
> dual licensing. I would have thought that as a copyright holder I am
> perfectly at liberty to release versions under different licenses (for
> instance I may release under a CC-BY-SA but also license a non-CC
> version to a film company to, perhaps, excuse them from the viral
> effects and to be paid or whatever).
> My understanding is that as the copyright is not transferred or given
> up I perfectly well have the right to release as many different forms
> as I wish, for example CC_BY-SA for MP3s and copyright for CDs etc.
> After all, lets remember that this work is not just thrown into the
> public domain or anything. The CC is a clever bit of trickery to
> simulate a commons, but it is *not* really a commons in a true sense as
> it relies on private ownership.
> Additionally the artist may choose to rerecord and license a  slightly
> different track or remix under a stronger license.
> This may be considered confusing to the consumer (hence the value of
> some form of embedded CC license in the track to explain might be in
> order) but I would have thought this perfectly legal and sensible to
> allow maximum flexibility to the artist and to combat this decidedly
> Creators' Rights Alliance type arguments against CC releases.
> Cheers
> David
> http://www.locarecords.com
> On 25 Apr 2005, at 10:07, Damian.Rafferty at Culture.gsi.gov.uk wrote:
> > One of the thorny 'yes buts...' I am hearing a lot in regard to CC is
> > "what
> > happens if young creators license their early work under CC and then
> > rue the
> > day forever more?"
> >
> > What response can you give to this?
> >
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