[Cc-uk] Changing your mind and the young Bowie

David M.Berry d.berry at sussex.ac.uk
Mon Apr 25 05:45:28 EDT 2005

I personally think that more thought needs to go into the concept of 
dual licensing. I would have thought that as a copyright holder I am 
perfectly at liberty to release versions under different licenses (for 
instance I may release under a CC-BY-SA but also license a non-CC 
version to a film company to, perhaps, excuse them from the viral 
effects and to be paid or whatever).

My understanding is that as the copyright is not transferred or given 
up I perfectly well have the right to release as many different forms 
as I wish, for example CC_BY-SA for MP3s and copyright for CDs etc. 
After all, lets remember that this work is not just thrown into the 
public domain or anything. The CC is a clever bit of trickery to 
simulate a commons, but it is *not* really a commons in a true sense as 
it relies on private ownership.

Additionally the artist may choose to rerecord and license a  slightly 
different track or remix under a stronger license.

This may be considered confusing to the consumer (hence the value of 
some form of embedded CC license in the track to explain might be in 
order) but I would have thought this perfectly legal and sensible to 
allow maximum flexibility to the artist and to combat this decidedly 
Creators' Rights Alliance type arguments against CC releases.




On 25 Apr 2005, at 10:07, Damian.Rafferty at Culture.gsi.gov.uk wrote:

> One of the thorny 'yes buts...' I am hearing a lot in regard to CC is 
> "what
> happens if young creators license their early work under CC and then 
> rue the
> day forever more?"
> What response can you give to this?
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