[Cc-uk] Changing your mind and the young Bowie

Rob Myers robmyers at mac.com
Mon Apr 25 05:31:46 EDT 2005

On Monday, April 25, 2005, at 10:07AM, <Damian.Rafferty at Culture.gsi.gov.uk> wrote:

>One of the thorny 'yes buts...' I am hearing a lot in regard to CC is "what
>happens if young creators license their early work under CC and then rue the
>day forever more?"

Like Prince, George Michael, and everyone else who has ever made a decision about how to license their work that they have later regretted, these "young creators" should think very hard and get good independent advice before doing anything that will affect their future rights.

Ruing the day is far more common with closed contracts than with open licenses. You can just re-release your own open work as closed for starters, particularly with music. 

>What response can you give to this?

When people ask this, which particular license do they have in mind? 

And why are they assuming that the money that "young creators" lose on this immature work won't be more than offset by the money they make on the more mature work that they will be enabled to make to make because the CC licensing helps them buld their career?

- Rob.

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