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Christian Ahlert christian.ahlert at oii.ox.ac.uk
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For all of you who wonder why we actually need to worry about Digital 
Restriction Management (DRM) here is more to worry about. The US is 
passing a new copyright law.

See David Pogues post in NYTimes:

Buying a Censorship Box?

  Remember my review of the ClearPlay DVD player, which automatically 
snips out bad language, violence and references to God?

It was challenged by a horde of furious filmmakers and Hollywood 
studios—in court. Looks like they lost; the House of Representatives 
approved the Family Entertainment and Copyright Act of 2005, which 
makes it legal for companies like ClearPlay to do what they're doing.

As Engadget further notes, however: "The bill also makes it a federal 
crime to use a video camera to record films in movie theaters...and 
sets a penalty of up to ten years in prison for sharing a movie or a 
song prior to its commercial release. We’ve got no beef with the 
ClearPlay-enabling part of the legislation (for the most part), since 
people should be able to do what they want with a DVD they’ve bought 
and paid for, but that was really just a smokescreen to railroad the 
rest of the bill, which may as well have been written by the MPAA and 
RIAA's lobbyists. The bill now heads to President Bush, who is expected 
to sign it into law."

On 20 Apr 2005, at 16:26, Cory Doctorow wrote:

> We've now had three London Copyfighters' Drunken Brunch and Talking 
> Shop, wherein copyfighters of all description had a lovely champagne 
> and orange-juice-fuelled cold brunch near Marble Arch, and then walked 
> across the street to Speakers' Corner and delivered a series of 
> hilarious speeches on IP reform to whomever would listen. Each one has 
> been more fun than the last -- I'm immensely gratified at the turnout 
> and the excellent speeches.
> Photos are here: http://flickr.com/photos/tags/copyfighters/
> I'd be honored if you'd come to our next event, on Sunday, May 15 at 
> 11AM.
> Here's the pitch: at the London Copyfighters' Drunken Brunch and 
> Talking Shop, we will gather at Stanhope Centre and eat between 11AM 
> and 1PM, stuffing our faces with bagels, pastries, cold-cuts, veggies, 
> a variety of schmears, and cheap champagne-process wine from Spain 
> mixed with fresh OJ.
> Once we are suitably lubricated, we will, as a mass, cross the road to 
> Speaker's Corner and orate on the subject of copyright, DRM, the 
> weather -- whatever. Speaking isn't mandatory, but it IS highly 
> encouraged.  There should definitely be an element of hilarity in 
> this. This may be cut short if the weather is rotten, of course.
> Please let me know if you can make it (I've left the names of the 
> invitees visible on the To: line, but please don't annoy everyone by 
> hitting Reply All in your mailer!), and feel free to pass word onto 
> people whom you think would be a good addition to the group (have them 
> drop me a line, too -- just trying to get a feel for how much chow 
> I'll need to pick up).
> When: Sunday, May 15. Food from 11AM to 1PM; Speakers' Corner 
> excursion 1PM-~2PM.
> Where: Stanhope Centre (Stanhope Centre, Stanhope House, Stanhope 
> Place, London W2 2HH)
> Directions: The nearest underground station is Marble Arch. If you are 
> at the Marble Arch tube station, walk West on the North side of the 
> street.  The Street is Oxford Street as you exit the tube but it 
> immediately becomes Bayswater. Keeping walking due West for 2 blocks 
> (using the pedestrian underpass to cross under Edgeware Road).  Hyde 
> Park will be on your left or to the South as you walk.  Then, take the 
> first right after you exit the pedestrian underpass is Stanhope Place. 
> (It is about 75 yards from where you exit the pedestrian underpass. 
> Walk north on Stanhope Place approximately 50 feet to the first set of 
> steps on the block.  You will see a sign for Stanhope Centre.  Walk up 
> the stairs and ring the bottom bell, which is marked Stanhope Centre.
> NOTE: Once things are going it is VERY hard to hear the bell. Please 
> lean on it some, and/or ring me at the number below.
> My mobile number: +44.798.607.2869
> Hope to see you there!
> Cory
> PS: Here are the Copyfighter dates between now and August:
> June 19
> August 21
> (there will be no July meeting due to my travel schedule)
> Save the dates!
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