[Cc-uk] Revised draft Scottish licence

Ian Brockbank ian at scottishdance.net
Tue Apr 19 09:54:41 EDT 2005

Hi David, Jonathon,

> I'm not a major fan of 6.2 'cos it might allow an employee who 
> downloads a CC file that a company has licensed separately e.g. for 
> commercial use to 'replace' a commercial licence. I can see why 
> something like it is required, and I know issues like this 
> exist within 
> the software industry and the solution is just to tell 
> employees not to 
> download software from external sites but that is not conducive to 
> building a commons. I don't know how real this problem is, and even 
> worse I don't have any suggestions to make it better.

I wondered about that one.  Say I make a private agreement which allows a
company to rebrand my work as long as they pay me royalties, but I also
release it under a by-sa cc licence.  Does the cc licence override the
licence I agreed privately with the company?  (Which would allow them to
avoid the royalties, but prevent them from the rebranding).  Is there
anything which could be put to allow private arrangements to override
the cc licence if agreed by both parties?


Ian Brockbank
Edinburgh, Scotland
ian at scottishdance.net

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