[Cc-uk] CC England and Wales licenses live

Christian Ahlert christian.ahlert at internet-institute.oxford.ac.uk
Wed Apr 13 04:01:45 EDT 2005

Friends of Creative Commons

I am happy to announce that Creative Commons licenses for England and Wales are now 
live at:


After 16 months of hard work now all of you can start using them for your pictures, articles, 
slides, songs, movies, blogs or any other mix and mash media type you can think of.

We have also updated the 


website on which you will be able to find an expanding amount of information on the licenses 
and the projects CC in the UK will undertake.

Many thanks to everybody who contributed. The license would not be there without your help 
and comments. 

And let me point out that this is not the end of what Creative Commons has done in England 
and Wales, this is the beginning of advising and advocating on the license and to work with 
an increasing number of individuals and institutions to spread use of the liceneses......

All the best

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