[Cc-uk] Lessig in Scotland (part of the UK!)

David Illsley david at illsley.org
Mon Apr 4 06:08:06 EDT 2005

I'd have to agree it was an excellent presentation, and it is a happy 
thing that CC-Scotland was launched.

I also understand the Moral Rights issue wrt CC properly for the first 
time (IANAL). Having reviewed the CC-Scotland draft (from 
creativecommons.org), I'm really happy how readable it is, and my one 
query is about clause 2.3.
It appears to allow licensing of derivative works under the same 
conditions but using one of the other 'ported' licenses which seems to 
make sense to allow people in other countries to release their works 
under an appropriate licence... is this the intention?
It also allows licensing of derivative works under the BBC CA license, 
and while I don't have a copy of the drafts that have been mailed the 
list to hand, from memory it is more restrictive and not under the 
control of CC. This therefore seems to be a strange property of a 
share-alike licence, which effectively allows the BBC more rights over 
a CC SA licensed work than any other person/body on the planet 
(especially if the portability I've mentioned above exists in all the 
CC licences). This BBC thing doesn't seem to be in the CC-EW drafts 
mentioned recently at http://users.ox.ac.uk/~inet0009/creative_commons/

Other than that, I'm excited by the progress being made and the 
existence of CC-Scotland,
David Illsley

On 4 Apr 2005, at 09:45, Alan Blunt wrote:

> Science festival lecture - Edinburgh
> An excellent if brief presentation from Larry Lessig which frankly
> eclipsed any comment from the panel members. A very lucid argument very
> well presented.
> I fear the 'marketing' of CC needs to be restructured a little as I 
> feel
> the honest intent of CC is not clear enough amongst the cloud of 
> radical
> propaganda, political confusion and the arrogance of some commercial
> organisations and representing bodies.
> Does anyone know of briefing or structured marketing/PR programmes (to
> Governments/ Major organisations) that have been successful in 
> promoting
> the greater common good of CC?
> Good news about Yahoo!
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