[cc-sampling] attribution

Sam Stephens sam at postmoderncore.com
Mon May 9 20:12:04 EDT 2005

It's great to see that there's CC licenses to allow sampling, and no 
surprise to see Negativland behind it.

I notice that all the licenses require attribution though - however I 
think it'd be nice to have a license that allows people to sample 
without attribution. Certainly I have pieces where if I attributed every 
sample I used, it'd take longer than actually having put the piece 
together. Also there I some I've done that I simply couldn't attribute 
now because I don't know where the samples came from. So I'm thinking 
it's probably hypocritical to license this stuff requiring Attribution. 
(In fact, possibly some of it I can't legally license, but nevermind).

I found it somewhat hypocritical when I saw the Beastie Boys had put 
their track on the Wired CD ( http://creativecommons.org/wired/ ) under 
the Noncommercial Sampling Plus license. Didn't they make their money 
and name commercially sampling stuff without attribution?

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