[cc-sampling] Asking others to release samples under CC

Kristjan Varnik k at akademie-solitude.de
Mon Feb 28 13:37:29 EST 2005


I am a new subscribe to the list, and I am currently exploring 
copyright. I am putting together a non-commercial  music CD of some
experimental electronic music. I am hoping to include a sample library 
on my CD  for other people to use. I am trying to put samples
from other people's CDs inside this library, and would like to release 
those samples under  this license:

*Sampling*: People can take and transform *pieces* of your work for any 
purpose other than advertising, which is prohibited.
Copying and distribution of the *entire work* is also prohibited.

or under the  *Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 *license.*

*How would you recommend clearing other people's samples? Would be it 
easier to create a derivative work where I might have more control
of the copyright, or would it be better to ask them directly to put 
portions of their song under the cc sampling license. I have indirect 
(friend of a friend) with the musicians whom I am hoping to work with. 
In your experiences, how easy/difficult is this process?

Any Thoughts?

Kristjan Varnik

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