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At 10:59 AM -0800 3/11/04, Z-Train Music wrote:
>Thanks for your response.
>I have similar issues with a music CD i'm about 
>to "release." I say it in quotes because the 
>release will consist of sending out some cds to 
>friends/family, record companies, radio 
>stations, and setting up a website. No 
>significant retail outlet distribution.
>I've altered some samples of original work and 
>incorporated them into new songs, not covers of 
>the originals. I'm particularly interested in 
>something you said about self-releasing and 
>providing sampling credits.
>Do you think it's wise to provide a credit list 
>of things sampled in each song?

it's the right thing to do.


>  Are "small fish" artists more likely to get away with sampling?
>Thanks for any insight,
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>>Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 10:51:09 -0800
>>At 9:28 AM -0500 3/3/04, L. O. E. wrote:
>>  I'd have to hear the original stuff and your 
>>reworking of it to have any ideas about this. 
>>But since its not sampling of anything, the 
>>sampling lisence doesn't seem to apply.
>>According to the "rules" , if you do a cover 
>>version of something, you dont have to ask, and 
>>you pay a mechanical royalty on each copy 
>>sold....if you go   and alter it, you have to 
>>get permission.
>>But if you are releasing this stuff yourself, 
>>and feel that what you are doing is ethically 
>>okay and that the folk artists you take from 
>>dont deserve any money ( are you at least 
>>crediting your sources?) then  realistically 
>>you dont need to worry about it.
>>>i'm part of a canadian electronic band that 
>>>uses old songs as the base for new songs - 
>>>specifically - we take lesbian folk music and 
>>>turn it into techno/dance music. we don't 
>>>sample any of the original, but we'll use one 
>>>vocal pass or a recognizable keyboard part, 
>>>all of it re-played and VERY different from 
>>>the original.
>>>we want to release our album into the creative 
>>>commons, but i'm not sure how it works with 
>>>the licensing of the original work. of course 
>>>we could just do it and not worry about any 
>>>original licenses, but if we did pay for the 
>>>license to the songwriter, could we put their 
>>>work into the creative commons? would they 
>>>have to agree to it? when does it become OUR 
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