[cc-sampling] (no subject)

L. O. E. lezziesonx at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 3 09:28:17 EST 2004


i'm part of a canadian electronic band that uses old songs as the base for 
new songs - specifically - we take lesbian folk music and turn it into 
techno/dance music. we don't sample any of the original, but we'll use one 
vocal pass or a recognizable keyboard part, all of it re-played and VERY 
different from the original.

we want to release our album into the creative commons, but i'm not sure how 
it works with the licensing of the original work. of course we could just do 
it and not worry about any original licenses, but if we did pay for the 
license to the songwriter, could we put their work into the creative 
commons? would they have to agree to it? when does it become OUR work?



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