[cc-sampling] name change

Thomas Margoni thomas.margoni at creativecommons.it
Wed Aug 4 12:37:08 EDT 2004

I checked the archives but nowhere i found any proposal of 
modifications, a part the discussion about the name, that finally 
brought to "sampling".

I hope David will be wrong, so if anyone knows why there's a new name 
for this license, i hope he/her will post this list, as it is still on 
(Glenn said).


MARK / negativland ha scritto:

> At 7:50 PM +0200 8/3/04, Thomas Margoni wrote:
>> Sorry, maybe I haven't noticed this before, but it sounds new for me.
>> I am carrying on italian translation of "Sampling"
> You mean you are translating this list discussion? Or just the CC 
> websirte pages??
>> but should i still call it so, or should I call it "recombo"?
>> Please, let me know at least where/when this discussion has been.
>> My personal opinion is "sampling".
>> thanks
>> Thomas
> Don't know the answer to your question.  Someone from would CC need to 
> chime in.
> If there was any response to my comments below, I didn't see them... 
> (but my e-mail address changed in the  middle of this, so i am not sure 
> If I missed any posts). I'd still love to hear some comments from folks 
> on this list about all this....
> mark
>> <>thought you guys should now about this
>> <>late-breaking change to the License Formerly
>> <>Known as Sampling:
>> <
>> <Ouch. Any info on what the thinking is/was on
>> <this change?? As project leads on creating this
>> <thing, I am confused and dissapointed that  we
>> <were not part of this decision. We had some
>> <lengthy discussions about what to call it ages
>> <ago.
>> <
>> <Pardon my bluntness, but I actually think it's a
>> <rather dumb name. Way too cute sounding, and it's
>> <actually confusing as no one knows what it means-
>> <I don't think that the art world needs yet
>> <another term to describe this stuff when there
>> <are so many already. It's a bad idea. If you
>> <wanted a basic name that conveys what it is, is
>> <functional, and includes all art forms ( as I
>> <always thought that the term "sampling" is in the
>> <publics mind as being a music term, and therefore
>> <rather limiting, but you guys insisted on it as I
>> <recall ) then why not just call it the "Collage"
>> <license? Something like that would have been
>> <best.  Or am I missing something here? Maybe I
>> <am. Maybe Don will like it?
>> <
>> <mark
>> <
>> <
>> <>
>> <>http://creativecommons.org/weblog/entry/4234
>> <>http://creativecommons.org/licenses/sampling+/1.0/
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