[cc-sampling] artistic credit?

Glenn Otis Brown glenn at creativecommons.org
Fri May 30 14:02:13 EDT 2003

One issue that is not acknowledged in the draft - or
> in
> the discussion - is the question of crediting original work. I can't
> decide
> whether I think this should be a requirement of all sampling, and
> certainly
> if someone is using many sources it could be a hassle, but there are
> certainly cases when I think it should be required, i.e. when a
> substantial
> portion of the original work is used as a substantial and identifiable
> portion of the authentically new work. It seems fair that the creator of
> the
> sampled work should benefit from being recognized as a key contributor to
> the audience's artistic enjoyment even if he/she does not ask a licensing
> fee.

Good question, John -- we weren't clear enough about this up front. We
thought that the list discussion would focus only on the relevant
"pro-sampling" language, and that we'd consider how to make the sampling
language fit in with our existing license options -- including an
attribution requirement -- later on.  

Most likely, this will happen: the licensor/copyright holder will be
given the option of requiring artistic credit when he or she picks the
sampling license. In practice this means that attribution will pretty
much always be required; I don't know of a sinlge person yet who hasn't
chosen the attribution requirement when picking one of our licenses.


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