[cc-sampling] Re: only an agreement if remembered

Don Joyce dj at webbnet.com
Sun May 25 20:23:00 EDT 2003

I agree, will try to remember.

>Might I suggest that, when possible,  as topics evolve on this list, 
>that those contributing try and re-title their e-mail subject 
>headings with something that makes it clear what the specifc e-mail 
>discussion was about. That way it will be easier to go back through 
>old e-mails if we are looking to refer to something on a particular 
>HEY!! LOOKEE!! Please note my new e-mail address that I am writing 
>to you from -
>mark / negativland <markhosler at charter.net>
>My old address at attbi.com is no longer being used.
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