[cc-sampling] Original Works?

Don Joyce dj at webbnet.com
Sun May 25 15:09:53 EDT 2003

I'm saving all the relevant email but it's the weaning through it all 
for something that will be a problem as it edges into the hundreds...
Trying to edit out the unnecessary as I go, but a lot of it appears 
I guess that means we have a fairly good subject.

>  > >>b.      to distribute copies or phonorecords of, display publicly,
>>  >>perform publicly, and perform publicly by means of a digital audio
>>  >>transmission, Your Derivative Work(s).
>>  >Do you need to add language that would allow one to sell their
>>  >original Derivative Work?
>Yeah, nice catch, Sarah. I agree with you and Negativland that we need
>this. I think our mistake was to assume that the right to sell the
>derivative work itself didn't need to be made explicit if you had the
>right to make the work. But this isn't right, because the default rules
>don't let you make and sell derivative works, and any departure from
>those defaults should be explicitly spelled out.  So we'll do that.
>As for the process question -- who will record the good ideas? -- here
>are a couple of ideas: 1) Negativland and I keep our own lists (in case
>one or the other of us forgets something). 2) We put up a page on the
>Creative Commons website with bullet points tracking necessary changes.
>I suggest we do both, with our internal lists providing a little more
>detail. We'll put up a "tracking" page soon after Memorial Day.  Sound
>>  >
>>  >Meaning, if I made a collage and wanted to sell it at a gallery, it
>>  >doesn't seem like this licence would permit it. It would allow me to
>>  >sell *copies* of my collage, but doesn't say anything about the
>>  >original.
>>  Yes, a little wording here to account for the fate of a physical
>>  original, please.
>>  DJ
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