[cc-sampling] Original Works?

Glenn Brown glenn at creativecommons.org
Sat May 24 16:27:36 EDT 2003

> >>b.      to distribute copies or phonorecords of, display publicly,
> >>perform publicly, and perform publicly by means of a digital audio
> >>transmission, Your Derivative Work(s).

> >Do you need to add language that would allow one to sell their
> >original Derivative Work?

Yeah, nice catch, Sarah. I agree with you and Negativland that we need
this. I think our mistake was to assume that the right to sell the
derivative work itself didn't need to be made explicit if you had the
right to make the work. But this isn't right, because the default rules
don't let you make and sell derivative works, and any departure from
those defaults should be explicitly spelled out.  So we'll do that.

As for the process question -- who will record the good ideas? -- here
are a couple of ideas: 1) Negativland and I keep our own lists (in case
one or the other of us forgets something). 2) We put up a page on the
Creative Commons website with bullet points tracking necessary changes. 
I suggest we do both, with our internal lists providing a little more
detail. We'll put up a "tracking" page soon after Memorial Day.  Sound



> >
> >Meaning, if I made a collage and wanted to sell it at a gallery, it
> >doesn't seem like this licence would permit it. It would allow me to
> >sell *copies* of my collage, but doesn't say anything about the
> >original.
> Yes, a little wording here to account for the fate of a physical 
> original, please.
> DJ
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