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hi matt,
what happened to the case studies that were on the web site? a couple of 
years ago a case study was done on our project UpStage, & it was on the 
CC nz site along with several other arts projects. now they don't seem 
to be there. it's a shame if those case studies have been lost.

you might like to put these questions to ADA, the aotearoa digital arts 
network (http://www.ada.net.nz/). there must be ADA members on this list 
but there will be others who aren't, & many ADA artists are working 
within creative commons & would have examples of work, writing etc.

h : )

On 13/09/12 12:43 AM, Matt McGregor wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm about to start work on a series of resources on Creative Commons 
> in the arts. This is a particularly thorny topic, so I'm asking the 
> community for a bit of help. What arguments would you make to artists 
> about using CC? What are some good examples of work (blog posts, case 
> studies, etc) on this that already exists? And what case studies would 
> you like to see written?
> I'd greatly appreciate any and all suggestions on this. Take 'Arts' to 
> refer to cultural work in general.
> With your help, I'll write up a few things over the next few weeks and 
> throw it on the wiki.
> Best wishes,
> Matt
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