[Cc-nz] case studies round 2

elliott bledsoe elliott at creativecommons.org.au
Thu Oct 8 21:43:15 EDT 2009

hello everyone out there in the cc community
here at ccAustralia we're
still focused on the importance of case studies as an educational tool
when demonstrating cc. we're
looking to get more focused and specific with a new series of case studies
specifically on business, distribution and collaboration models that
incorporate cc in the creative industries. just a quick look at the case
studies wiki makes it obvious that, while there are many great examples of
what people are doing across common fields such as film, music and
literature, we're short on examples in performing arts.

so ccAustralia we're reaching out to the cc community internationally for
examples of use of cc in the areas of dance, drama, stage arts, comedy,
circus arts, opera and live music (although music less so) from around the
world. are there any performers that you know of using cc in your country?
we'd like to hear about them!

all of the case studies written up as part of this project will be added to
the case studies wiki (you can of course put them up yourself!!) and will be
used in a series of information resources here in australia (which naturally
will be cc licensed as well ^_^). also, although we're not making any
promises, there is a chance that the more developed and interesting of these
case studies will be compiled and published in a printed volume.


elliott bledsoe
project officer, ccAustralia <http://creativecommons.org.au/>

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07 3138 9597

elliott at creativecommons.org.au

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