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Sutherland, Paul Paul.Sutherland at ccc.govt.nz
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After an overwhelming silence on list and off list I thought I may
rephrase my question

Who in New Zealand is using a CC-NZ license?

What is your URL?

Should the CC-NZ website attempt to list them (while there is only a
handful) I am interested to see best practice - how it is done on the
page and in the HTML, (and even in the object - if it is say a PDF)

And to show people in a presentation (tomorrow)  examples close to home.

Should the CC-NZ website have a CC-NZ license - instead of the "(c) 2007
Humanities Research Network"


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Has anyone produced a NZ variant on
http://wiki.creativecommons.org/CC_markers etc

Is there a list of NZ sites using any CC lisences??


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