[Cc-nz] Plans for the year

Danyl Strype strypey at riseup.net
Sun Jan 15 06:55:37 EST 2006

Kia ora koutou

Well another summer solstice and gregorian new year have passed a 
particularly beautiful full moon. Time now to start thinking about how 
we are going to get our Creative Commons project rolling. There are a 
number of things I think could be helpful:

1) get a domain - a subdomain (eg NZ.creativecommons.org) and/ or a 
local domain (eg creativecommons.org.nz)
2) get the beginnings of a site up, linking to relevant parts of 
creativecommons.org and including some text on our goals
3) find a copyright lawyer who is willing to join the team and oversee 
the license translation process
4) start talking to artists about CC licenses, their benefits and how 
they work

Although it would be good to have involvement from people around the 
country I hope there will be a lot of folx in Poneke keen to get 
involved and I am thinking about getting regular face-to-face meetings 
going once I settle down there at the end of Feb. I'm also thinking 
about organising regular benefit gigs, as much for the sake of 
publicity as fundraising but I'm sure if we rack our brains we can 
think of something that we will need cash eventually. Photocopying has 
a good tendancy to hoover up quite a bit for example.

Please remember to invite people interested in CC to join this list and 
throw in their ideas and especially what time/ skills they can offer 
and what tasks they can take on.


"People in an owned world are owned."
- Ken Macleod, "The Cassini Division"

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