[cc-mixter] [ccMixter] Can I upload samples from Sony libraries?

Victor victor at fourstones.net
Thu Dec 22 12:22:20 EST 2005

Jon Phillips wrote:
> On Tue, 2005-12-20 at 22:39 +0000, paulosacramento at gmail.com wrote:
>>ive used lots of sony samples to create my music. so id like to know if i can upload their loops.
> More than likely no.
> You need to check the the license on the samples to see if it is
> compatible with the Creative Commons licenses.
> Email the list what type of license these samples are governed under.
> If the samples are public domain, which I highly doubt, then using these
> samples would be ok.
> However, the best is to report back here with the type of license they
> use, and then we can assess if these samples will work.

actually you CAN use the Sony ACID royalty-free loops -- I went around 
with Mia on this and she checked out the Sony loops license.

It's fine, most music on ccMixter uses some for of this. Without the 
ability to use royalty-free loops the idea of using CC on music falls 
aparts and disables about 90% of all music in the world.


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