licence urls [was BitTorrent

Kevin Marks cc at
Wed Jan 26 03:00:04 EST 2005

I'd like to speak up for rel="license", in my new role as extender of  
rel tags.
I do think licences should be URLs rather than URIs, but comparing URLs  
is indeed easy.

Looking up the licence root on Technorati give the most popular  
licences for the last 12 hours: 

On Jan 25, 2005, at 1:04 PM, Lucas Gonze wrote:

> Over time I've gotten to appreciate the wisdom of that approach.  It  
> has a lot going for it --
> * the license metadata can be updated over time to reflect things like
>   name changes.
> * it's easy to do a string comparison on a URI to see what the  
> permissions
>   are, and CC license URIs are absolutely not going to change meaning.
> * it's easier to parse the CC RDF and {.torrent,SVG,SMIL,...} if  
> they're
>   in separate documents.  EG, you don't have to fudge around with
>   conflicting character sets.
> - Lucas
> On Tue, 25 Jan 2005, Thomas Winningham wrote:
>> I'm looking at some peoples' prior art into merely referencing a URI
>> pointing to a general license of any kind. That could be a great
>> option.
>> Thanks for the comments,  and I'm sure I'll be posting again soon.
>> Thomas
>> On Sun, 23 Jan 2005 23:20:01 -0800, Mike Linksvayer
>> <ml at> wrote:
>>> Thomas Winningham wrote:
>>>> Thank you all so much for all comments. I'm compiling them, and  
>>>> first
>>>> off I would agree that a separate dictionary in the .torrent may be
>>>> best.
>>> [...]
>>> Based on your use cases I think that 'flat' name-value pairs along  
>>> the
>>> lines of the below would be a good approach.  Of course in addition  
>>> to
>>> cc:license you could also have dc:title, etc.  Such would map  
>>> cleanly to
>>> a simple dictionary.
>>> However, before you commit to this I'd make real sure that you don't
>>> want to include complex metadata in the .torrent.  Per-file metadata  
>>> is
>>> the obvious case (which you seem to have ruled out), but there are
>>> probably many others.  Though if you do think you need complex  
>>> metadata,
>>> you should consider whether it shouldn't live on the web and only be
>>> referenced in the .torrent.

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