Mike Linksvayer ml at
Thu Jul 29 17:50:01 EDT 2004

General and specific feedback wanted.  Patches welcome.

The idea is to encapsulate the "choose license" process (see
<> in a file or a few files that
can be reused in different environments (e.g., standalone apps) without
having those apps reproduce the core language surrounding the process
or the rules for translating user answers into a license choice and
associated metadata.

Making the "questions" available as XML (questions.xml) and "rules" as
XSL (chooselicense.xsl) attempts to maximize accessibility and minimize
reimplementation of logic across multiple implementations.

An implementation will render questions.xml in some UI and produce
an XML document with the user's "answers" see (the ./test directory
for examples).  This document is then fed through chooselicense.xsl,
which produces another XML document with the chosen license's URL and
associated metadata (including complete RDF and HTML with embedded RDF).

CVS: (module chooselicense-xml)


* questions.xml needs more license groups.

* questions.xml probably needs to take a hints from (datatypes) and the rest of XML
   Schema, Relax NG, and the like.

* questions.xml needs to be generated from a template + gettext files

* chooselicense.xsl needs to be generated from a template + gettext files

* answers.xml (generated by implementor) needs a DTD

* tests need to actually test

* sample implementation(s)

   Mike Linksvayer

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